(It's a big 'un so go and get a coffee ... a Malbec even better)

Writing and composing for The Arts is not Raymond's first career. Nor his second. Nor ... 
But it is the one that those others, Family-Creator, Architect, Writer, have all been leading towards, have  been preparing for.
Life does that whether you know it or not, tries to put the pieces together. It's a Zen thing.
And yes, Family-Creator is totally a career. If you are very lucky you will never get to retire.  

Raymond closed his Architectural Consultancy to concentrate on his twin loves of Music and Writing.

In fact he retired from his career twice, the first time aged 29 reasoning that if you retire from something then it is no longer work, instead an interest that you then can have fun exploring and enjoying.

And altogether that spanned over 50 years starting with a small firm in Birmingham, England, later moving in to Local Government there, afterward going on in to Private Practice until closing its doors almost 40 years later.

Alongside this Raymond wrote for popular UK housebuilding magazines for many years:  design, construction and materials series, feature articles and more. Additionally he has sat on design panels, and also wrote a regular monthly column on aspects of the Housebuilding industry.

He has travelled extensively in America through a 35 year association with the Housebuilding industry there, and has been featured in Forbes Magazine (US), The Sunday Times Lifestyle Magazine (UK), has appeared on Grand Designs (UK), has acted as Consultant to This Old House (US) on a featured UK project, and has been referenced in a UK Housing Industry research document.

And whilst all this was going on and helping to pay the mortgage and put clothes on the table and food on his Childrens' backs, he would always make time to write on an altogether different level ... for himself.
For example, with a Pilot's license and an earlier interest in vintage aircraft he has written for an aviation technical library, has reviewed airshows and fly-ins, and more beside.
Always the creative writer, for a number of years he split his time between his Architectural Consultancy and the TV studio where he was a Scriptwriter/Associate on the award-winning Childrens' Saturday and Sunday morning magazine programme "Number 73".
But it was always music that drew him the most. It was never really a question that with his love of Musical Theatre plus a constant noodling-around with one new song or another, he would have to follow a creative path in that direction.
And much later-on Raymond discovered a Love of Dance along with an admiration for the supreme athletes presenting such hard work as effortless grace. With less time ahead now than behind he is making up for his late start, and has recently completed the Ballet Suite for a major new Work that awaits its Global debut ahead of touring.
And after that?
With a next Ballet in the initial stages of planning-out, with an interrupted  fun-and-funny one woman Show advancing again, and with still more besides, "after-that" really shouldn't be a problem beyond actually finding enough hours in the day!
Watch this space ...