At Last!

The mystery that for generations has baffled the best investigators on every continent is now solved, the facts finally uncovered!

Presented here therefore, and for the first time anywhere, discover at last the startling truth of ...

The Fly and The Old Lady - what REALLY happened!


      he Fly was always thought to have been the first victim in the strange case of the Old Lady that has puzzled so many since the middle of the last century.


Without any clear answer about just how the Old Lady could actually have met such a bizarre end however, and with no clear motive, it has remained a mystery. 

But it seems that the case was never closed and special investigations have continued, handed-on from one investigative team to the next, one generation to another, as the decades have passed.

The breakthrough came just days ago when a recording, seemingly made by The Fly himself, was found among papers

recovered from underneath the floorboards of the Old Lady's cottage some weeks after the gruesome event. At the time none of these dusty discoveries were thought to be of any real significance however, and all were were put in to storage with

the scarce evidence initially gathered.

But today's advanced forensic analysis has now identified the recording as genuine, and in it The Fly describes how he was

forced into enacting a drastic plan resulting inevitably in the Old Lady's demise. This was necessary, he says, in order to escape after being captured by her for some unknown reason and with fear that the same fate

may also await his flyancée, Sadie.

The Coroner has therefore now decided that whilst unlawful and still today subject to the severest penalty, the Fly's actions amounted to a Crime Of Passion at the time which, if discovered, would have been regarded with some leniency and a measure of respect. The recording is not considered to have been made in any boastful manner, but as an explanation if later discovered.

With many generations having come and gone in the intervening time, the Authorities have decided that the book can now be closed on this longstanding mystery with no further action necessary.


Further, in light of this information a note has been formally appended hoping that The Fly and Sadie enjoyed their fought-for freedom and spent the rest of a very romantic though short life in every happiness together.


She doesn't know he is already more than intested in her, and he doesn't know she would be happy to reply if he once spoke to her. So they keep their polite distance, each as hopeless as the other about doing something about it. Or maybe ...   

                                                                                                       A duet from a new Musical

Oh God why do they always hold their auditions in places nobody's ever heard of, and why do people keep getting in the way, and why is there this much traffic every time I need to cross the street, and why is he asking if I know where I'm going?!!! Is that the place there? I'm late because they're too cheap to spring for somewhere Downtown and easy, and now they expect me to sing as pure as a nightingale while I'm gasping to get my breath back?! 

                                                                                                                   From a new Musical