Everyone has a Passion Project, right? 

Mine's a ballet that should have been made long, long ago. But its legend has never been allowed out from the shadows, and its music just cried out to be composed.

So ...

Blue Willow, a ballet.


A beautiful story of eternal Love.

Link  www.WillowPatternBallet.com

Ballet tells stories: Fairy tales and dreams, drama and fantasy, love and legend.

BLUE WILLOW is at last bringing to life a 250 year old legend that tells the beautiful story of the secret Love of the High Mandarin's daughter for his low-born clerk, and his for her.

Waiting to be noticed on the familiar blue-and-white WILLOW PATTERN tableware design that is recognisable worldwide, the story that it shows has nevertheless remained hidden in open sight for centuries, unseen by the largest number of those looking.


Until now. 

Set to a suite of music composed

especially to present it, BLUE WILLOW

brings the legend out of its patient

shadows, tells its story of hidden Love,

betrayal, escape and a new life, and

later discovery and ultimately the

release of two beautiful souls to be

together for all of eternity.

The lost ballet the world has been

waiting for, it just hasn't known it. 

The story told within the Willow Pattern design