just what it says really,                                   messin' about an' stuff ...

Let's Face The Music And Dance19

Y'see, there's this little ol' thing called Covid19 ....

The Ballad Of The Mysterious Stranger With Pubes On His Head

You don't believe in old fashioned heroes? Well okay then, this one is in your imagination but all the same the day might come when you are real glad to see his eyes in the nearby shadows ... 

My Last Big Mistake
My Last Big Mistake
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Horse, stable door ... some people just never learn.


Really? You need this explained?!!

Dem Cool Wall Blues, Man
Dem Cool Wall Blues, Man
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A cautionary tale.


Carnation: Once we were, now we're not.

K Ponytails

A bit-of-fun reinterpretation for a rather special Musical Theatre Producer-lady Katy Lipson. Mind her dust!

Nissan Porsche

by The Three Tenners (AKA "Thirty Quid")