A Special Hug ...


... and some chuckles

Funky Death

Cyclists get a really rough deal.

Let's Hug A Cyclist

Why cyclists get a really rough deal.


Carnation: Once we were, now we're not.


A relationship that was doomed before it began, she just didn't see it ...

Brian May Gets Bed-Hair!

When the World is losing its way, when you can’t see an end to all the adversity, when nothing can inspire and lift you, look to the one who always will, the one who fights and wins the same terrible battle anew each and every day just to show there is nothing that you too cannot overcome. So look and then go forth confidently, kick ass mightily!

My Last Big Mistake

Horse, stable door ... some people will never learn.

The Ballad Of The Mysterious Stranger With Pubes On His Head

You don't believe in old fashioned heroes? Well okay then, this one is in your imagination but all the same the day might come when you are real glad to see his eyes in the nearby shadows ... 


Really? You need this explained?!!