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Sorry, The Invasion's Genuine!


An online comedy Sci-Fi Adventure story with music & songs.


Planet Earth is being invaded.

Right now.


Yes, this one.

But it hasn't realised it yet because the colonising Aliens hijacked a popular TV programme beforehand and concealed mind-control broadcasts in each episode ensuring zero resistance.


Sneaky Aliens.


If you are reading this it means that you responded particularly well to the Aliens' brainwashing, and have been pre-selected to be an Envoy.

Yes, you.


So congratulations ...

For now!

Earth's only hope is if the TV Programme's Presenters catch on to what is happening before the programme and pretty much life on Earth as we know it ends.


Yeah sure ... sure they will.

All it takes is for them to repel a Universe-full of powerful Aliens with advanced technology and beam-weapons and all sorts of stuff that would be really neat if it was ours not theirs.

So ..... ?








Meet your Overlord

(P.S. there's no going back)

Two's A Crowd!


A 2-3-hander musical

Link  Two's A Crowd

“Josie is a singer, trying to make her way …” 


That’s where the story of a feelgood Musical-with-a-twist begins, a show about a mouse-shy girl who wants to be a singer. But when it comes to singing in front of others she goes right in to her shell and people don't get to hear how good she is.


Then one day her own onstage persona, her outgoing and confident other-self who is mighty fed up of waiting for the chance to step in to a spotlight, somehow splits out from her and crosses over in to the real world!

She means well, and tries to help in various ways but doesn't always have the best of judgement ... like when she sneakily auditions as shy-Josie and easily walks away with the part for her, though that doesn’t altogether go how she thinks it will!


And so the story unfolds with ups and downs, fun and havoc ·· plus occasional confusion in the boyfriend department! ·· on the way from "her" first seedy cabaret audition to "their" eventual Made-The-Big-Time concert.


Yes the dream comes true, and with success at home plus worldwide bookings in the diary they joyfully and finally recombine!


Or do they … ?

The Books of All-Knowing


A Fantasy Adventure Novel

LINK   The Books Of All-Knowing

Joe Geohegan - Jojo - supplements his non-existent income from second rate Private Eye work by being a third rate Bookie on the side ... a bookmaker ... one word.

Unfortunately the Aliens have taken him for a two-word - a Book Maker - and from all alive throughout existence have chosen him alone to entrust with the last possible chance of bringing salvation to every being on every planet in the totality of the known and unknown Multiverse.

Knowingly or not, all face the unthinkable but inevitable pan-destruction about to engulf the entirety of existence with the approaching completion of the Cycle Of Dis (tress, ruption, cord, order, parage, tort, figure, mantle, pose, may, gust, grace, ease and utter effing aster!) ... the gravity-fed, rush-driven downward spiral of endtime, soulfire and blackness from which there is no escaping.  

So with the clear certainty that only absolute naiievety can bring, Jojo sets out with She the Watcher, and along the way encounters one or two of positively the wierdest life-forms ever to emerge from a period of gestation. 

Maybe if someone doesn't actually know that something is simply impossible exactly as everybody/thing else who learns of their task tells them right before they either die or float away or explode, all of which are known outcomes from laughing uncontrollably and to great excess at the very idea, maybe there's still a chance?


Too much to hope? Ummm, probably.

Okay definitely, if it all hangs on Jojo!






also ...

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MORE ?! 

Well, watch this space then I guess ...